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My connection with people, love, spirit, healing and community has meant that many individuals and businesses have reached out to me asking for bespoke illustrations.

The work below is a collection revealing some of the individual gifts to partners (& Self), album covers and merchandise. I take great care in creating the perfect illustration to meet your desires. 

Please do contact me here to arrange an exploration meeting to discuss your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please note, the images featured in this collection are not for sale.

Untitled_Artwork 20.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 18.jpg

Customer Review

"During the Pandemic, as a few people might relate to, I felt lost to my sense of self and my sense of connection. I had this unidentified longing. I reached out to Josh, who I met at the most prestigious coffee shop in London, the Espresso Room, not only because I had developed a fondest for his famous matcha lattes, but because he seemed to truly understand how to depict the world in all it’s beauty and sadness. I had been an admirer and follower of his work for some time and believed he would be able to capture this moment in a unique and lasting way.

Once he agreed, we discussed what was coming up for me and how that might translate into a piece. A few months later, sight unseen, Josh revealed a beautiful depiction of that longing; partnership, connectivity, sexuality; raw and beautiful, and effortlessly simple, yet so elusive. I cherish this commission not only because it captured a moment in time and a desire for the future, but because it allowed me to partner with such a gifted illustrator who truly sees the human condition and captures it so beautifully. I’ve just realised, in writing this review, that Josh helped me build my pandemic time capsule, something the keeps me grounded and leaves me hopeful."

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